Source of the Virus?

After extensive investigations in conjunction with Marahesh Marish Yogi have determined without any doubt that the source of the Corona virus was a laboratory in Hunan, China. This determination was made by data-driven statistical mentalism at the Hopkins Culinary Institute. It is suspected that Chinese scientists working for the Democratic Party were experimenting with aContinue reading “Source of the Virus?”

Gun Debate Gets Real

President Trump says that Michigan protesters set an excellent example of the proper weapons to carry during a protest – especially in the Capitals of government buildings. The president is consulting with the NRA regarding legislation requiring all political representatives carry AK-47s during legislative debates.

Healing Through Telepathy

Dr. Oz, in conjunction with the Healing Through Telepathy Foundation, and Dr. Phil has formulated a combination E.D. cure and hair-growth formula that Trump and Kim were taking. Unfortunately there was a slight mix-up and Don’s telepathic transmission was confused with Kim Jong-Un – causing Trump’s formerly out-of-control hair to be suddenly well-groomed and tightContinue reading “Healing Through Telepathy”