We are Baltimore’s trusted personal injury and medical malpractice law firm. Our mission is to advocate for people who might not ordinarily be able to afford top quality legal representation. We have the legal team and resources to go after big insurance companies. Barry Glazer makes no apologies for getting every penny he can from these insurance companies. With an in-house medical doctor, our attorneys work on the toughest and most complex medical malpractice cases.


Barry worked in his brother’s law practice even before entering law school. He knew from an early age that his passion was to even the playing field for the little guy having observed his father’s struggles as a hardworking low paid laborer. He grew up in the rough and tumble area of lower Pimlico and as a result became educated in the ways of the street while at the same time he was getting an academic education.

While attending law school, he was seriously injured in an auto accident and on his back in a hospital bed for almost two months. It was then that he learned first hand how unfair and how difficult it was to deal with an insurance company from a position of weakness, i.e., nineteen years old, in a hospital bed, going to night school, unable to work and in need of money. It was this struggle and challenge that has made Barry and his practice the success it has been. He couldn’t wait to go after the insurance companies and was in the court room two days after he passed the Bar. He still applies that same passion to help his clients have a fair chance when dealing with large corporations and insurance companies.